The Corio group maintains its focus on implementing its Favourite Meeting Places (FMP) strategy in Spain. The company’s aim is to turn its centres into reference points in their areas of influence and a favourite meeting point for those who live nearby.

The strategy is based on creating new contents with newexperiences that go beyond the traditional commercial offer of a Shopping Centre. Corio sees the development of new leisure formulas as one of the most important contents for implementing its FMP strategy and has sought the collaboration of theleisureway, a company that specialises in creating innovative, unique leisure solutions at Shopping Centres.

The Shopping Centre sector is undergoing significant changes for many reasons, including online shopping and increasing demand from consumers for distinguishing social experiences.

According to Christophe Mouton, CEO of Corio España, a Shopping Centre has to be more than a place where people go to do their shopping, “consumers have to be encouraged to go to the Shopping Centre for other reasons and their trip has to be a special experience”. He goes on to say that, “we need to offer new and different types of content: new leisure formulas, which we now see in a variety of forms, new restaurant experiences, cosier rest areas and a more extensive use of new technologies… but we also need new content in culture, sports and, of course, leisure. Leisure is clearly the most effective option for attracting a wide variety of members of the general public and making their trip to the centre exceptional and, at the same time,

Leisure is evolving very quickly; the number of options is increasing, as is their quality, and they are more interactive and more enjoyable. Corio places importance on leisure options being adapted specifically to each centre and, in particular, for there to be a social component that involves the local community in the activities.

According to Mouton, Corio’s idea is to create a space where people can feel at home, arrange to meet friends, learn, listen to music and do physical exercise… “We are convinced that the centre has to play a social role. Beyond wanting to become the best commercial offer in the area of influence, we want to become its very heart. We want people to come to our centres for other reasons and then they will do their shopping and bring their family and friends with them”.

The company is committed to innovation and wants to offer something that is unique to inspire curiosity and surprise and become the centre of attraction for the community. Corio is now working with theleisureway on special innovative leisure projects at three of its centres: Gran Turia (Valencia), Espacio Torrelodones (Madrid) and Príncipe Pío (Madrid).

The vision theleisureway adds to the project includes an integral analysis of the centre’s requirements to offer new, differentiating leisure solutions since, as Gastón Gaitán, CEO of theleisureway, points out, “each centre has its own personality and needs its own leisure concepts”. Furthermore, it is becoming more and more important for customers to recognise the centre as something of their own, which is why, according to Gaitán, “we want people to experience the Shopping Centre and have it form part of their day”.

Accordingly, theleisureway is working to define solutions by carefully studying all the variables that affect the centre, such as type of customer, the environment and technical requirements. Gaitán says that, “thanks to this exhaustive analysis, we can propose tailor-made leisure solutions that go with the integral strategy applied by the Shopping Centre”.

Príncipe Pío

This is Corio’s most popular Shopping Centre in Spain. The decision has been taken to make use of the outdoor area (the plaza opposite the centre, which covers approximately 7000 m2) and turn it into a unique, distinguishing space that can be used as a meeting point for Madrid tourists and residents alike.

A new concept is being developed to combine the modern, urban design that is typical of the main cities of Europe with genuine Madrid tradition. Large terraces will be built for visitors to enjoy top-quality traditional cuisine; a market selling fresh products; a multipurpose area that will change with the seasons, selling flowers, craftwork, decoration, etc.; and an area with small pop-up shops that sell fashion and complements.

The area will be brimming with leisure and cultural contents all year round. There will be an extensive cultural programme with music and theatre. There will also be many surprises thanks to the wide variety of street shows (monologues, mime, magic, performances and spontaneous shows, etc.).

Príncipe Pío is an urban centre that is well connected and very close to the city’s more tourist areas (Plaza de España, Palacio Real, the gardens of Madrid Río…), which overflow with history. Corio’s aim is to turn a plaza that is basically an area people cross on their way elsewhere into a place people go to and into a different experience that both Madrid residents and tourists will want to enjoy.


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