“We go to the mall as an adventure, a journey hoping for the moments that TLW has prepared. Customers come to shop, that’s a given, but they are our clients and guests. A memorable day for the kids might be playing on a helter-skelter tower or climbing through a jungle.”

I was nine and it was one of those special days that thread ideas through the years. He’d taken me for an ice-cream, there was the flavor of vanilla, chatter, and the clack, clack of table football punctuated by “goal!” Of course we had to play, of course he let me win, but not without a battle! I grew up in a magical environment. Dad had a table football business. They actually made them. I remember thinking something made for fun, but hand-made, designed, and painted by artisans.

It’s now 2016 and things have changed. theleisurerway (TLW) is international, we work with astute and creative clients, and the professionals on my team teach me new things every day. Sometimes when we are brainstorming, I find myself listening to the very tangible elements of the project and trying to follow the thread of emotions that make up the intangible factor that makes a project. I’m certain that what makes a project is what makes a family day out an experience. Families want to be together.

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