“The importance of the natural setting gave us a base upon which to construct a powerful, robust concept coherent with the local culture. But we shouldn’t forget shopping culture. The pleasure of leisure integrated into the activity of shopping was indispensable for our ideas.”

So, here we are. There’s the chat, the stronger-thannormal- coffee, and most have ordered an omelet with the inevitable comparison between French and Spanish recipes. But there’s technology on the table and the conversation turns to client appointments and strategy. This is a pre-Mapic breakfast.

Then: A last-minute panic fumbling with ID badges and we are in. You can feel the energy, with a lot of new players from places such as Tunisia, Egypt, and Iran alongside more seasoned representations. We are planting the theleisureway (TLW) flag this year with our first, well-positioned stand. We see it as a beacon for clients looking towards the future and seeing TLW as partners.

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