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Freeport needed to move from being a shopping centre to being a place for a day out, somewhere to experience warmth and dynamic emotions.

Freeport Fashion Outlet in Alcochete, Lisbon, started a remodeling process for the creation of new areas which bring a more Cosmopolitan and avant-garde flavour, complying with need to have differentiating values and an improved positioning against the numerous competitors in the zone.


Our intervention in Freeport was centred on the “Plaça das Estelas”, a space encircled by terraces and shops, visible from the various galleries. It was key to build a leisure icon here in order to improve the global perception of the centre.

The centre also wanted to be a friendlier place where visitors could escape, enjoy, fall in love with the space and be faithful to its spirit. The idea of humanizing the area was especially inspiring to ur team and it became our goal to achieve.

Due to the weather conditions it became clear that this humanization would mean shade. This would satisfy a real need of clients.

This necessity and the importance of designing a surprising and attractive place brought us to design a sculptural form that housed various leisure activities, but was seen as an artistic intervention.

A semi-open pergola with a discontinuous but balanced structure created a magic game of nuances of light and shade.

It’s organic from appeared as a great sculpture, a magnetic and emblematic monument.

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