Our proposal for the centre had to take into account a number of key variables to be a success generate a social interest, be a memorable and attractive experience.

These qualities are hegemonic for the basis of a proposal of value. As they affect the time and duration of the visit, the choice of centre, loyalty and brand recognition.

Given its proximity to Paris, the difficult lay in offering something really different with a competitive, touristic setting. However we discovered that there were no leisure proposals installed in centres of the zone and that they were oriented to traditional retail. This presented a great opportunity.


Our Villeneuve-La-Garenne project was based in differentiating values: a definition of a multi-target leisure, distinctive and integral, leisure understand as an experience throughout the whole centre and based on the combination of multiple activities and experiences.

This is the value of leisure – generating a unique aspirational and iconic setting. Create something previously unseen and base on this the uniqueness of the centre and its brand.

We looked for outstanding qualities to bring identity to the centre, are found this in the natural surroundings. Our solution was a number of green terraces, taking advantage of the Seine view we built an agreeable and natural feel, especially in the summer, contrasting with other centres in the area which have no outdoor relax areas.

We designed a double intervention: an outdoor activity and meeting area and two indoor interventions: a vertical greenhouse - a great playground and a hanging game, resolving the centre’s lack of space.

In both cases we betted on an innovative, surprising, green proposal that marked a clear difference and together gave the “wow” effect, very trendy and creative.

In addition, the “green” value was in perfect concert with the natural setting and culture of the North of France adding positive values to the brand’s new identity.

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