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VIVO City had to develop a 2000 m2 playground. From the start of the project it was clear that the playground concept would oblige us to create an intervention which would bring new values and improve interaction through an element of reference.

Because of this, it was essential to understand the visual language of the shopping centre and construct a wow effect, and at the same time helping to improve the experience.


All this meant a better positioning of the centre by developing a unique element which activated and brought new values. This element, apart from being visually stunning, should collaborate with the building of a new scenery that was memorable and resulted in a word-of-mouth effect.

From the point of view of construction it was very important to collaborate with the relationship between floors, as we wanted a better visual interaction between floor “0” and -1 floor. Observing the natural sun light we wanted the playground to provide shade without losing that natural light.

Our solution was a large singular structure that housed a number of activities. Many things could be happening inside. However, the element was an icon seen from the outside.

Under this surprising roof we could follow a route full of activity and games.

The sea and marine life, such as sponges and starfish inspired us while designing VIVO City.

Their texture and absorbent qualities helped us to understand how to protect ourselves from the sun without losing luminosity. We found a way to protect children from the sun with an exceptional landscape solution.

Its curved form, large scale and brilliant colour helped to profile an attractive element from all points of view.

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